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Nara Chandrababu naidu was born on april, 20 ,1950 to Nara Karjoorapu naidu and Ammanamma in Naravaripalli village, Chittoor dist., Andhra pradesh.


Chandrababu naidu belonged to middle class agricultural family in Naravaripalli village.He has one elder sister and one younger brother.His parents were very hard working and toiled in their small agricultural land of 5 acres.Chandrababu naidu was a very observant and hardworking man since childhood.He did his primary education in the near by Chandragiri town and subsequently completed his Masters in Economics from Sri Venkateswara Arts college,Tirupati.

During the college days he was active in the student issues and fought for the student rights in many occasions.He also acted as the President of the students wing of the Sri Venkateswara University,Tirupati. His political guru's are Paturi Rajagopala naidu and Acharya NG Ranga. 


After his college education he took liking in the politics and seeing his dynamism as a student leader the Congress has given him the MLA seat from Chandragiri constituency in 1978.He has won the assembly constituency with good margin and was inducted into the cabinet of the then Chief Minister T.Anjaiah.He was made Minister of Technical education,Animal husbandary and Cinematography,so by the age of 29 Naidu was the minister in the state cabinet.

A chance meeting of Chandrababu naidu with NTR occured during one of the shoots of NTR's film in a studio.Thoroughly impressed by the credentials and dynamism of Naidu,NTR has sent feelers to naidu about his proposal to give his daughter Buvaneswari to him.After many discussions Naidu has given his nod for the proposal of NTR and the marriage of Chandrababu naidu and Bhuvaneswari was conducted grandly in Madras(Chennai)with much fanfare.

At that time already rumors started emanating that NTR is planning to plunge into politics by starting a political party.These rumors has caused jitters in the Congress party because when a very popular actor whom people of A.P consider as God starts a political party Congress felt that it will be their death knell.Rightly so after much thinking consultations and discussions NTR in march 21 1982 has launched his political party ''Telugu Desam Party'' just nine months before the scheduled General elections.

Inspite of his father-in-law's launch of new political party Chandrababu naidu continued in the Congress as the minister.Later NTR himself has invited Naidu and offered him to contest Chandragiri seat as a TDP candidate .Naidu politely refused the offer and has contested the assembly elections from Chandragiri opposite a TDP candidate Venkatrama naidu.This decision of Chandrababu naidu has backfired and he has lost the 1983 election to TDP candidate.Naidu resigned from the congress and became involved in business.

Later NTR again invited Chandrababu naidu to the TDP which did not go well with Nadella Baskarao group but as the desision was already made by NTR, Naidu was inducted into the party.Naidu has to face hostile atmosphere in the early days of joining TDP and it has taken him quite a time to get the hold in the party matters.

With the encouragement and blessings of NTR chandrababu naidu has taken up the responsibility of monitoring and traning of the cadre in the constituencies.After the Nadella Baskararao coup NTR has dissolved the assembly and raised curtain for the fresh elections.TDP was elected again and Chandrababu naidu has won as MLA on TDP ticket from Kuppam constituency.Naidu was made Minister for Finance and revenue in 1994 in the NTR's rule.


After one year of NTR as a Chief Minister in 1995 he started facing some problems in the form of Chandrababu naidu.Naidu was visibly not happy with the highhanded and extraconstitutional behavior of Lakshmi Parvati in the TDP and the Government.Later Chandrababu naidu has made a coup of sorts and destabilised NTR as Chief Minister in 1995.Chandrababu naidu was elected as a Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh with the required number of support from TDP MLA's.

It took some time for Naidu to win back the confidence of the people as it is not a small thing to over throw a mass leader like NTR.Naidu immediately pressed all his energies to take Andhra Pradesh into Reforms,Growth and Development.

Chandrababu naidu has also played active role National politics.He was instrumental in bringing non-Congress and non-BJP parties together and form THIRD FRONT in which he acted as a Convener.He was the man behind HD Devegowda becoming Prime Minister with his heavy lobbying and clout.It was highly published and rumoured that initially the offer was made to Chandrababu naidu to become Prime Minister which he politely refused.

Following the elections to the State assembly wherein the Telugu Desam Party led by Mr. Naidu emerged as a winner, he was sworn in on 11 October 1999 as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the second term. He was elected with a majority of more than 65,000 votes from Kuppam Constituency.

Chandrababu naidu has a modern outlook to administration. His style of functioning is more akin to that of a CEO rather than a traditional politician.Naidu has a firm conviction that modern technology should be used in the service of the common man. Consequently, he laid great emphasis on the use of modern information technology in Government. He liked the State to be run professionally as an efficient organisation rather than as a bureaucracy saddled with red-tape.

Naidu's vision for the future included multidimensional development of all citizens of the State. He is keen to develop the full potential of all citizens based on a strong moral foundation.Naidu has propagated a return to ethical and value based precepts in day-to-day life. In keeping with this commitment, he has launched new initiatives, like the Janmabhoomi programme which aims at achieving excellence in all walks of life and focuses on community-building through team work during his rule.

In order to achieve greater involvement of the people in the implementation of Government programmes, Naidu as Chief Minister has encouraged the concept of social audit, which involves making information available to all citizens about the works being taken up with public funds in their area.He has also taken the initiative for setting up self-help groups like water users' associations, for involving farmers in the management of irrigation systems. Other self-help groups like Watershed Development Committees, Womens' groups, Youth groups, Village Education Committees and Village Health Committees have also been set up. These self-help groups have significantly contributed to removing intermediaries and have been widely acknowledged for improving the condition of the poor.

Chandrababu naidu has initiated an exercise to define Vision 2020 for the state. According to him, "Our vision of Andhra Pradesh is a State where poverty is totally eradicated; where every man, woman and child has access to not just the basic minimum needs, but to all opportunities for leading a happy and fulfilling life; a knowledge and learning society built on the values of hard work, honesty, discipline and a collective sense of purpose." This vision reflected forward looking perspective on the state's development, and the details of the vision are proposed to be fine-tuned in consultation with the people on a continuing basis.

As Chief Minister he has undertaken administrative reforms in right earnest and laid emphasis as much on processes of 'transformating' as on 'informating' within Government. As part of the Administrative Reforms, Naidu used Information Technology for providing better quality of governance for the common man.

In recognition of the C.M Chandrababu naidu's leadership and vision in the field of Information technology, Mr.Naidu was designated as the Co-chairperson of the National Task Force on Information technology set up by the Government of India to prepare the IT road map for the future. The Chief Minister Chandrababu naidu in his capacity as the Co-chairperson of the National Task Force, has taken a number of initiatives for dismantling the monopoly in the telecommunications sector and for promoting the use of Information technology for common citizens. The stellar role played by the Chief Minister Naidu in promoting Information technology for better governance has been widely recognised, both within and outside the country.

When Chandrababu naidu took over as Chief Minister in 1995, the State's finances were in very poor shape. Following the initiatives launched by theChandrababu naidu as Chief Minister, there has been a remarkable improvement in the State's economic performance.

Chandrababu naidu is a firm believer in accountability of the Government and has taken steps to systematically incorporate accountability as an intrinsic feature of Government's functioning.

Chandrababu naidu liked to achieve tangible results in a short time frame. His working hours extend from 6.30 in the morning to late into the night. During this period, the Chief Minister devotes a significant portion of his time to meeting a large number of common citizens and addressing their problems and concerns. A Grievance Cell has been set up in the Chief Minister's Office for monitoring the redressal of public grievances. The Chief Minister's itinerary also included surprise visits to the districts which are aimed at keeping the administration on its toes. These visits are directed at curbing administrative corruption and lethargy.

As a Chief Minister Chandrababu naidu has expedited decision making within the government by making effective use of communication. For example, a videoconferencing unit enables the Chief Minister to simultaneously address all District Collectors or consult the Cabinet ministers on various issues. The Chief Minister Naidu has conducted video conferences with Collectors on various issues like the power situation, Clean and Green programme, rythu bazaars, monitoring of prices, implementation of road works, sanitation and public health, and law and order. The system has been extremely effective in overcoming the routine bureaucratic delays in the course of responding to issues of immediate public concern .

The Chandrababu naidu was well known for innovative concepts and programmes. The "Dial your Chief Minister" programme, telecast by the Doordarshan Kendra of Hyderabad is one such programme which is telecast every Monday. The Chief Minister addresses the citizens over a large number of issues. A subject is identified for the week and the citizens come up with their problems and communicate it to the Chief Minister . The "Dial your Chief Minister" programme is very popular with the citizens and the viewership of the programme is rated very high.

Chandrababu naidu has laid a lot of emphasis on water conservation and water harvesting. He has taken up a campaign for sensitising the people of the State and the administration for better management of water to prevent drought situation in the future. Launching of an innovative programme called 'Neeru Meeru, formation of Watershed Committees, promotion of Water Shed development have all been taken up in the State for better management of water on the insistence of the Chief Minister. Water Conservation Mission has been formed as a step in this direction. Inspired by his efforts there has been a voluntary participatory movement amongst the citizens of the State towards water conservation. A number of households have built rain water-harvesting structures towards this cause.

Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has drawn attention and has concentrated on evolving a new way looking at Centre-State finance relations. He has spearheaded the campaign for fiscal federalism in the wake of the recommendations of the Eleventh Finance Commission. He has emphasised on equity and efficiency in the devolution of Central revenues and sharing of resources between the Centre and the States.
Chandrababu naidu has almost successfully able to uproot the maoist/naxal menace by acting and dealing with naxals with iron fist.

On October 1, 2003, Naidu survived a land mine blast, which was believed to be part of an assassination attempt, planned by a naxal outfit, Peoples War Group, now known as CPI Maoist. He escaped with a fractured left collar bone and a hairline fracture to two of his right ribs. The incident occurred around 16:00 (IST) when Naidu was travelling in a convoy, heading to the Lord Venkateshwara temple in the Tirumala hills for the annual Brahmotsavam festival.

The State Information Technology Minister B. Gopalakrishna Reddy, Telugu Desam legislators R. Rajasekhar Reddy and Ch. Krishnamurthy, as well as the driver Srinivasa Raju, were also injured. After an extensive investigation Naidu's survival was attributed to the armored vehicle in which he was traveling

Chandrababu naidu has won numerous awards including " IT Indian of the Milleneum' (India Today) Business Person of the Year ( Economic Times ) member of the World Economic Forum's Dream Cabinet and South Asian of the Year ( Time Asia ).

Naidu was chosen as one of 50 leaders at the forefront of change in the year 2000 by the Business Week magazine for being an unflinching proponent of technology and for his drive to transform the State.

The whole country raised wondered and raised eyebrows when Chandrababu naidu with his unflinching efforts to develop A.P has failed to get majority in the assembly elections.TDP did not get the majority in the 2009 assembly elections but was able to improve their MLA seats to 92.

Chandrababu naidu was Leader of Opposition since 2004 and also the President of Telugu Desam Party.He represents the Kuppam constituency as MLA in chittoor dist. Since 1989 till date.

Lokesh is the only(child) son of Naidu.Lokesh has done his masters in economics from Stamford University. Lokesh is married to Brahmani daughter of Actor Balakrishna. Lokesh is currently involved in their Heritage foods and Heritage dairy business.

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  2. sir sri nara chandrababu naidu garu you r so great sir.thanking you very much sir..

    i am from hari